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6 Reasons To Use a Realtor When Looking For a Rental

Happy Couple Moving Into Their New Rental Home

If you or someone you know is looking for a rental these days I highly recommend you use a Realtor. Competition is fierce for just about everything and the really good places last no more than a few days.

You can’t rely on the sites available to the public as their information is so often out of date that they are quite misleading. I’ve had customers send me listings they found on Zillow and Craigslist, especially, and they are continually disappointed to find what they saw is already rented, sometimes months in the past.

Here are 6 reasons to use a Realtor when looking for a rental.

  • Realtors will tailor the search for your place to your exact needs, so you don’t have to make who knows how many calls to find out if some detail is available.
  • There’s no need to spend time on third-party sites that aren’t up to date.  The only real-time provider is the multiple listing service we Realtors use.
  • Realtors will coordinate showing the places you want to see at your convenience, so you see several rentals at one time.
  • Avoid the scams that proliferate these days by having someone working for you who knows the signs of deceit and can validate ownership in a property.
  • Realtors are familiar with rental values and have access to the histories of each property. We can negotiate on your behalf with experience and confidence.
  • There is no cost to you to engage the services of a realtor. We are paid a prearranged amount by the owner of the property.

With the above points in mind I can’t imagine why anyone would DIY it when looking for a rental. Leave the footwork to your Realtor. If you’re looking in the Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, or neighborhoods nearby I am a local specialist. Give me a call or text me at 305 794-6570 or leave me a note here.

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