Miami Real Estate... A World All Its Own

About Beth

Being a Coconut Grove resident since 1969 I consider myself a near-native. I admit that coming here from Colorado and never having seen an ocean before arriving, it was a long time before I fell in love with bay breezes on my skin, palm trees providing a good portion of the shade, and the subtle changes of the seasons.

It was a long time ago now that I stopped looking for mountains to get my bearings and began checking the low and high-tide timetables instead. Now I’m all about this amazing climate, the vibrant international flavor of this city, and most of all the zany charm and energy of my Coconut Grove.

Becoming a Realtor was a natural for me. Long before being licensed, or even a homeowner, I was an Open House warrior, visiting any property with a sign out front. Both of my parents were Realtors and I was drawn to the diversity of their work. One moment they would be hammering out the details of contract negotiations, the next planning a getaway from their hectic work life.

The ability to work as hard and long as I can, to learn something entirely new in every transaction, and to meet people from all over the planet is what drives me to succeed. 

I hope you will let me share my passion for real estate with you!